What is Pro Active Live Chat?

Pro-Active Live Chat is an extremely valuable chat application that Dealer e-Process offers on all of their dealer websites. While chat applications aren't exactly new, Pro-Active Live Chat is anything but ordinary. It is operated by real agents (as opposed to robots or pre-recorded operators) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That means regardless of the time, day or location, a potential customer can contact a knowledgeable agent regarding information about your dealership via your website.

July 2012 Results

Why is this important?

As a dealer, you would never leave a potential customer wandering around your lot without a greeting from a sales representative. Likewise, a potential customer should not be left unattended when visiting your website. Pro-Active Live Chat ensures that this scenario will never occur.

How do potential customers use it?

It's easy for potential customers to use Pro-Active Live Chat because it requires no effort on their part. Once a potential customer visits a site installed with Pro-Active Live Chat, they are immediately greeted with an invitation to engage in a chat session. If they choose to chat, they are then connected with a knowledgeable agent who can instantly provide them with pertinent information on a plethora of topics, ranging from car specifications to scheduling servicing appointments.

What will I ultimately gain from this?

By incorporating Pro-Active Live Chat into your dealer website, you will ultimately create a more pleasing experience for your potential customers. Furthermore, you will accrue potential leads while gaining valuable insight into your business in terms of what people are looking for when they visit your website.

Customer satisfaction

Pro-Active Live Chat allows customers to find the exact information they are looking for in a timely manner. While it is all well and good to have your dealer information organized in multiple channels and sub-directories within your dealer website, most people don't have the time or the desire to spend searching for the information they are looking for. In fact, research shows that over 95% of visitors on a website are clicking away within 2 minutes. Pro-Active Live Chat eliminates wasted search time and guarantees that the potential customer will leave your site with the exact information they are looking for, which in turn leads to customer satisfaction.

Lead generation

Pro-Active Live Chat provides both the customer and the dealer with valuable information. While the customer receives the information they are looking for in a timely manner, the dealer enjoys the benefit of being able to collect customer contact information for potential leads.


Aside from potential leads, with Pro-Active Live Chat, the dealer also receives monthly tracking reports that dictate the number of potential leads generated by Pro-Active Live Chat in a given month, as well as the dates/times of specific chats. Furthermore, all copies of Pro-Active Live Chat transcripts are sent to dealer website managers in real time and stored in the back end of the website.

Any questions, call 866-566-2666

Dealership Name Chats
1.Legacy Toyota & Scion 213
2.Pacifico Ford 111
3.Pacifico Hyundai 110
4.Legend Kia 87
5.Pacifico Mazda 82
6.Stokes Brown Toyota HH 75
7.Stokes Brown Toyota Beaufort 71
8.Bossier City Nissan 70
9.Douglass Nissan 63
10.Underriner Honda 61
11.Stokes Honda Beaufort 54
12.All Star Chevrolet 50
13.Washington Chevrolet 49
14.Legend Mazda 48
15.Mark Arbuckle Nissan 45
16.Mazda of Rochelle 41
17.Colonial Cars 40
18.Stokes Used Cars 38
19.Colonial Toyota 36
20.Underriner Motors 31
21.World Car Mazda 28
22.Century Cars 16
23.Underriner Hyundai 12
24.World Car Kia 11
25.Underriner Volvo 8
26.Colonial Cars Mazda 5
27.Underriner Buick 4
28.Underriner GM 3
29.Colonial Mitsubishi 2
30.Mazda of New Rochelle 1
31.Underriner Volvo MT 1
32.Bossier City Nissan 0
33.Colonial Cadillac GMC 0
34.Saxe Chevy Buick 0
35.Stokes Inc 0
36.Underriner Volvo MT 0
37.Watseka CDJR 0
38.World Car Hyundai 0
39.World Car Kia New Braufels 0

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